Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Afternoon Player Notes in the Playoffs (May 11)

Wednesday night... in Dallas, TX.  Game 7 between the Stars and the Blues goes and we are in for a big one.

A spot in the Western Conference Finals is on the line in this one and it will have a pretty significant impact on how the Playoff Pool ends up as well.

There are a lot of teams hoping that the Dallas Stars can push through this game, as they lead the selections, 111 to 61 in this series.  Our pool leader, Stuart, has both teams represented on his team and his team is going into tonight with a 15-point lead over Kristy.  Kristy is one of those teams that is very hopeful that Dallas makes it through, as she has no Blues on her side.  Scott, sitting in 3rd place, 22 points back, only has Dallas players as well.

A St. Louis win would almost seal the deal for Stuart, if it wasn't already sealed.  The race for 2nd place would then be the story of interest then.  If St. Louis was to prevail, that would throw Brenda's name back into the mix, as her team is 23 points back and has a couple of Blues players left to fight.  It's an improbable gap to close, but not completely impossible.

Dallas will have to come out firing and St. Louis will have to keep the pace very slow.  I don't think the Blues want to get into a track meet tonight.  As expected, we'll see Brian Elliott against Kari Lehtonen tonight, no changes.
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